Quality: one of our strenghts

During the various steps of the production process, the turned parts we produce are subjected to different quality tests performed with high precision instruments: two-dimensional and three-dimensional optical control machines, projector of profiles, roughness testing instrument, millesimal micrometers and comparators, go/no-go gauges for thread holes, etc …

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The QUALITY of the turned parts we produce, has always been one of the strengths of our company.

Our production system is certified according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard

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Precision turning of metal components

We are able to satisfy any need in precision turning
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Continuous investments are made every year, both in intruments and in training of human resources, to achieve this result.

All the test we make, from the arrival of the raw material to the final shipment to the customer, are recorded by our operators on tablets connected to the company IT system.

If requested by the customer, we are able to provide all the documentation related to the quality test performed and also to prepare documents such as PPAP, FMEA, 8D-report, etc.

The calibration of the testing instruments is constantly monitored to ensure the efficiency of all the tools used by our staff.

The company’s commitment is towards a continuous improvement of the quality of the products and services provided, in order to achieve maximum satisfaction of our customers, from whom we are considered an A class supplier.